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Norton is a reputed and cost-effective antivirus suite company which offers protection so that no virus can damage your computer. It also provides many other products and services apart from antivirus. Viruses are one of the most dangerous things online. Your major worry is all about securing your online banking, social media, and emails. Norton Antivirus protects your computer from online crimes and thefts. From many years Norton is providing security programs, and it has an excellent reputation compared to others. Norton Antivirus takes care of computer users, large business or in small-scale business and many more.

Before installing the Norton antivirus, you have to remember some instructions. Confirm is your computer support Norton Antivirus software and after this check, whether any other antivirus already installed in your computer if yes then uninstall it. If your computer does not have a security solution, then your data gets stolen. If you install Norton from, you will be able to live freely because it will provide guaranteed protection.

Buy Norton Antivirus Online

You can purchase Norton Products from the online store from the official website of the Norton. The users are needed to make a Norton account for using Norton product on your computer. To create a new account, users have to give the important information which includes name and place of residence. When the users enter all of the required information, and after buying a Norton product or service, the users get a mail containing 25 character alphanumeric product codes to their registered email ID. After putting that code to verify the Norton account, the users can move toward the steps of downloading, installing and activating the Norton product on their computer.

Buy Norton Antivirus Offline

If any user doesn’t like to purchase it from online, then the user has the option to buy it from the market. The disk given post-purchase for installing the Norton software will have a 25 character alphanumeric product code. Make sure to check the requirement of the computer before buying it. To install the Norton program, you have to create an account on Norton and verify it by the given code.

Steps for Downloading Norton Setup

You require downloading the setup file first before starting the Norton setup process. You can download the setup of Norton online if you don’t have the installation disk.

The steps are given to download Norton program online:

  • 1. Go to the internet browser.
  • 2. Open the link
  • 3. Click on Sign In.
  • 4. Fill the login details.
  • 5. Press on Sign Up to make an account of Norton.
  • 6. Press on Sign In.
  • 7. Tap on the Norton product.
  • 8. Then press on install button.
  • 9. Press on I Agree in the terms and conditions given.
  • 10. Press on the Next Tab.
  • 11. Wait for the file to get downloaded.

Steps for Installing Norton Setup

You need to run and install it after completing the downloading process for

The steps are given to install Norton program:
  • 1. The file removal has to be started, to begin the process of installation.
  • 2. The file removal will start automatically but sometimes it will not.
  • 3. Open the removal setup file by clicking to the default download folder.
  • 4. Permit the files to get removed.
  • 5. Press on I agree in the terms and conditions given.
  • 6. Tap on Install.
  • 7. Norton always gives instructions to users to choose default installation option.
  • 8. Then press on Next.
  • 9. Norton product will take only a few minutes to install it on your computer.

Steps for Activating the Norton Product Online

  • 1. To start the Norton program, double-click on the Norton icon.
  • 2. Copy the activation code from your email.
  • 3. Enter the 25 character alphanumeric product code in the screen.
  • 4. Then, press on the Activate tab.
  • 5. Go through the instructions which are shown on the screen to activate the product.

Steps for Activating the Norton Product Offline

  • 1. Go to
  • 2. Enter the 25 character alphanumeric product code in the screen.
  • 3. Then, press on the Sign in the tab.
  • 4. In the end, the antivirus is activated on the computer.